Shel We? by Tupua Tigafua

Tupua Tigafua is a highly accomplished dancer and one of the most ingenious storytellers of his generation who has masterfully created an enchanting, whimsical and visually remarkable dance show...Shel We?  Inspired by the works of renowned American writer Shel Silverstein.   


Shel Silverstein was a critically acclaimed writer of children’s books such as Where the sidewalk ends, Falling up and most notable The Giving Tree.  He was a talented lyricist and wrote iconic ballads such as Sylvias Mother for Doctor Hook and A boy named Sue for Johnny cash.   Shel’s off beat style and brilliant use of metaphorical imagery in his poetry and illustrations is expressed through Tupua’s cutting edge choreography.    


Shel We?  was presented  to sold out audiences at the Mangere Arts Centre in Auckland for the Pacific Dance Festival , the Measina Festival and Kia Mau Festival  in Wellington.   Hundreds of primary school children rose to their feet in applause, the hipsters were in awe after the show asking how they could become contemporary dancers and senior citizen lovers held hands and gazed into each others eyes after hearing an old Samoan love song that brought back memories of the vibrant 70s.   

Dont miss out on seeing this captivating dance performance:  Wednesday 16th October 2019 

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